Mentoring & Accountability

Weekly or monthly

1:1 or small teams

Virtual sessions

Energising & results-focused

From £199 pm +VAT

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Why might I need mentoring & accountability?

Small business leaders juggle multiple responsibilities, and marketing tends to take a backseat.

Signs you might need our help include…

  • Inconsistent marketing activity
  • Marketing that doesn’t get results
  • No / low ROI!
  • Plans that sit on a shelf
  • A struggling marketing exec
  • Total frustration

Our mentoring and accountability services are designed to provide realistic guidance without the fluff.


Business Mentoring is where we offer help, guidance and support, using empathy and lived experiences, to support the learning and development of another.


“Third-Party Accountability” is the idea that you can be held accountable to complete a task or reach a goal by way of enlisting us to help make sure you keep your promise.

How to Get Started

Let’s have a chat

No pressure, no dramas, let’s find out if we can help, and crucially, if we’ll work well together!

What does it look like?

Balancing your needs and budget we can find a way to support you finally getting effective marketing done!

Is it working?

We’ll regularly make sure it’s still working for you, and you’re achieving your goals.