Effective marketing strategies

Recruit more business leaders onto your Exec Ed courses

SMEs in the UK... so there's lots of scope!

Help to Grow: Management

The Government funded Help to Grow: Management course is a great way to support SME leaders on their growth journey, and introduce them to an abundance of opportunities at your University.

Senior Leadership Apprenticeships (SLA)

The SLA is for leaders with senior management responsibility. This can be a great course to follow on from Help to Grow: Management, or for specialists who have moved into a leadership role or who want to propel their career. With CMI accreditation, and either a PgDip or top up to an EMBA, this is a great course to support your local community with growth and resilience.

Short courses

Short courses can be the perfect way for your local business community to pick up their learning journey as they build capability across their teams.

Masters degrees+

For indepth understanding in a particular subject area, there are Postgraduate degrees – from MAs to MScs to MBAs, and further into DBAs and professional doctorates, for senior executives who want to up their game and bolster their career development, these programmes are perfect.

In a volatile, uncertain, complex and often ambiguous world, modern leaders need to drive positive change.

Executive Education (aka courses for people in business) provide the knowledge and skills to help leaders manage risk, while innovating and making the most of opportunities.

BUT there’s…

No spare marketing resource

University marketing teams are maxed-out with undergraduate recruitment and usually aren’t experienced in engaging SME leaders.

An undergrad focus

Most ‘student’ recruitment marketers focus on undergrads, not business executives, because it’s where there’s volume, (but less long-term opportunity).

KEF scores

Poor engagement with the business community has a negative impact on University Knowledge Exchange scores, a key part of university rankings.

So, let us take this on for you…

We’ll craft a cohesive marketing strategy, focused on public, private and third sector senior business leaders (depending on your course admissions criteria), who are committed to shaping the future.

Cohort recruitment strategies, proven in Higher Education

Here are some real campaign stats… after working on a focused strategy for cohort recruitment, we reduced the monthly ad spend by 80%, saw a 200% increase in leads and a 445% return on investment. Epic isn’t it!

That’s the power of having clarity in your market segment(s), and having tight positioning, so the message is compelling and the platforms used are well-targeted!



Ad spend


Increase in leads


Return on investment

Our 4-step Process


We’ll listen and uncover exactly what you need to achieve, for example 100 course registrations over the year.


We’ll get to grips with your audience and how to position them in a way that connects and engages.


We take the strategic foundations from the research and strategy, and execute an effective, results-focused plan, monitoring and tweaking as needed.


We’ll track performance to optimise the campaign and provide you with reporting and analysis as you need it (and if you have to pass it on for external funding compliance).

From £6,000 +VAT quarterly

Includes strategy creation, paid ad spend, content creation, project management
(specifics depend on your needs)


"You're undoubtedly our secret weapon! We couldn't do this without you."

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