Inspiring SME leaders

SME leaders have heard us lecture!

Help to Grow: Management

Help to Grow is a fabulous course for SME leaders, and we’ve been lucky enough to support 4 x Business Schools (so far) and their cohorts with Modules 3-6, 10 & 12. From new markets, to vision and values, to marketing and brand, to operations.

Growth Hubs & LEPs

Not all business are big enough to benefit from Help to Grow, and brilliant organisations like the Growth Hubs and regional LEPs provide free courses to support business growth. We’ve talked about strategy, marketing, and vision and values… and we’re open to discussing other topics too!

Chambers & FSB

Local supporters of business include the Chambers of Commerce and the Federation of Small Business. We’ve talked about strategy, marketing, and brand… and are open to other topics too!¬†

Our lectures, training sessions and workshops are fun, inspiring and engaging.

Ultimately, we want SME leaders to take action (even if they start small!) which will have a profound positive impact.

How much? 

(It depends…)

It’s a bit of a bolloxy answer, but how much we charge for lecturing will depend on how frequently we’re booked, how many SME leaders we’ll be able to inspire and how far we need to travel.

Let’s not faff about… book a call, tell us more about what you need and we can go from there!